Golden Wire Indonesia (GWI)

PT. Golden Wire Indonesia Established in 2013, as a company engaged in the business of the availability of a variety of quality spiral binding materials, easy to obtain and competitive prices, and specially produce and provide a variety of spiral binding services, so that whenever ready to meet domestic needs and is expected to reduce dependence on Imported products.

Spiral binding is one of the most popular finishing options and can be used on various types of documents, such as workbooks, manuals, instruction manuals, training modules, presentation aids, and various other documents including calendars.

GOLDEN WIRE now has branches or distributors in three regions of Indonesia, namely Central Java, Riau, and East Java, and is being explored for several other areas including Eastern Indonesia. GOLDEN WIRE accept large party and inter-service orders, with quality products and competitive prices.

GOLDEN WIRE was established in the hope of supporting the printing business and photo copy center in various regions of the archipelago, which recently relies heavily on import binding products, making it more creative and easier to serve the needs of customers, especially for printed product services using spiral bindings.